Type of Service Painting
Company name Rescue Painting
City Medina
Contact Mark Kratzer
Telephone 330-769-8029
Mo/Yr of Service May-01
Reserve Name Bob Morrow
Reserve Address 4904 Timber Creek Drive
Reserve Tele 330-725-5893
Reserve Email
Comments Good job inside and outside
Type of Service Painting
Company name Chris Coder
Mo/Yr of Service April 2008
Reserve Name Peggy & Bill Timms
Reserve Address 4958 Timber Creek Drive
Reserve Tele 330-722-1526
Reserve Email
Comments Chris was sloppy. He took our advance and never finished the job.
Would not recommend for painting or finishing work.
Type of Service Painting
Company name Edward D. Miller
City Medina
Contact Ed Miller
Telephone 330-723-7469
Mo/Yr of Service August 2009
Reserve Name Maria Cook
Reserve Address 3564 Old Hickory
Reserve Tele 330-723-4044
Reserve Email
Comments Has done interior and exterior painting as well as refinished woodwork.
His work is outstanding and prices are reasonable.
Type of Service Painting
Company name George Houghtaling Painting
City Wadsworth
Contact Geroge Houghtaling
Telephone 330-723-7343 Cell: 330-815-0413
Email N/A
Mo/Yr of Service April 2011
Reserve Name Gene & Peachy High
Reserve Address 3589 Autumn Tree Drive
Reserve Tele 330-723-4290
Reserve Email
Comments Painted ceilings and did a beautiful job. Thorough and very particular. Does both
interiors and exteriors.
Type of Service Painting Contractor-Exterior
Company name Steve Barnett Painting-Best for Less
City Akron
Contact Steve Barnett
Telephone 330-412-6141
Mo/Yr of Service June 2012
Reserve Name William & Trudy Walker
Reserve Address 3590 Reserve Drive
Reserve Tele 330-725-6431
Reserve Email
Comments Did and excellent job painting our house. Was considerably less than others. Would
definately recommend. Used Flood brand paint with a 15 year gurantee. We used
Flood sealer on our wood deck and was pleased on how well it’s held up.
Type of Service Painter (Interior Artisan)
Company name NBM Interiors
City Medina
Contact Nancy Mattey
Telephone 330-723-8530
Mo/Yr of Service Sept 2012
Reserve Name Steve & Jane Anderson
Reserve Address 3737 Reserve Drive
Reserve Tele 330-723-4169
Reserve Email
Comments Nancy is an experienced and talented painter. She has an artist’s flair for color.
She is straightforward and honest. Working with her is a pleasure.
Type of Service Painter
Company name Robinson Painting
City Medina
Contact Rich Robinson
Telephone 330-388-5864
Mo/Yr of Service May 2013
Reserve Name Walt Evans
Reserve Address 3552 Reserve Drive
Reserve Tele 330-591-7211
Reserve Email
Comments Personable, competitive,reliable, clean, neat and finished job on time.
Type of Service Painting/Finishing
Company name Baughman Finishing
City West Salem
Contact Jim Baughman
Telephone 330-948-2955
Mo/Yr of Service September 20, 2013
Reserve Name Steve & Jane Anderson
Reserve Address 3737 Reserve Drive
Reserve Tele 330-723-4169
Reserve Email
Comments Professionally done from start to finish.Entire crew always on time and were good in communicating with us